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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday Morning Hangover

Serena Williams finally offered a sincere and heartfelt apology for her angry tirade at a lineswoman during the U.S. Open last week. Good for her. Now, Joe Wilson and Kanye West, take notes.

South Carolina douchebag Joe Wilson first apologized for his "You lie!" shout at Pres. Obama last week, but as more and more right wing crazies squealed and flogged their privates in support of his outrageous act of disrespect, he began to dig in his heels. And now he's almost reveling in his new found notoriety and how he earned it. Fine. Keep it up Repub's. Keep letting more and more of the fringe element take over your party. You've already become almost irrelevent as a political party, and with more of this type of stuff, you're definitely headed for the tar pits.

Back to tennis, we're still in shock at Roger Federer's loss last night in the Men's Final of the U.S. Open to Argentinian Juan Martin del Potro. The 5-time defending champion, Federer, had the match on his racket several times, but it seemed as if he couldn't shake off his anger over some questionable calls, at one point even cursing the Umpire. Not to take away from del Potro; he's been the hottest player on tour all summer, but Roger and Serena should remember that you still have to earn your wins, and not just have them handed to you because you're the best players. In the end, we think it was Federer's and Williams' arrogance which did them in this time.

Jay Leno's new prime time show premiered last night. Television executives are salivating over the show's success or failure because the show is so much cheaper to produce than a scripted show. The suits see dollar signs. Maybe they should worry more about hiring the most creative writers, producers and actors, and then the ratings and profits would come. Because when your biggest concern is profit margin, you can be assured that 9 out of 10 times you'll turn out dreck. And for what it's worth, Leno's show was close to... well, what's something that's a little less disgusting than dreck? Dreck-Lite?

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