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Friday, October 15, 2010

Single White Female

We've had a lot of fun watching the various senatorial debates this week. Surprisingly, the good news is that Christine O'Donnell didn't come across as crazy at all in her debate, the bad news is she just comes across as dumb. There is no way in hell she has the intellect to be a U.S. Senator. Sorry, Tea Baggers, but there are still some jobs that "C" and "D" average students have no business trying to do. Can you imagine Christine O'Donnell taking a trip to a foreign country as a U.S. Senator and representing our country? Holy Jesus! And Sharron Angle is just... well, unhinged. Some of her ideas sound like they're coming from the guy who stands on the street corner in a robe and screams that the world is ending. And then, of course, there's Sarah Palin, who combines Angle's loopiness with O'Donnell's lack of smarts to create the perfect storm of tea bagging crazy.
Look, all kidding aside, we get the Tea Party, believe it or not. We get where all the anger is coming from. Our Congress is corrupt almost beyond repair, and there seems to be no one in sight who has the moral courage to stand up for what's right. We get it. But what the Tea Baggers don't get is that putting dimwits and people who think we never landed on the moon in positions of leadership is not going to solve anything, in fact, it'll just make the situation worse. But since the election of some of these nutjobs looks to be inevitable, we've got some advice to those who are worried about their influence on Congress: Just sit back and enjoy it while it lasts. Because if you think they're saying some crazy things now, just wait until they get to Congress. The late-night comedians and political pundits are going to have a field day. And remember also that they won't last long. Americans always come to their senses, sooner or later, and when they see the real extent of the Tea Bagger Crazy on full display in the actual halls of Congress, then the Tea Baggers won't have to worry about re-election, trust us.

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