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Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's Called "Tough Love"

Everybody knows that the best food recipes possess the correct balance of sugar and salt. Too much sugar in a dish, with no salt, just makes one sick to one's stomach. But we're not really talking about food, are we? Of course not. We're talking about the pablum that is "American Idol". Cold, wet, drooly baby pablum. Look, it's not the singers. This season of "Idol" is no different from any other season; there are great singers, (Casey and James), and really bad singers (Naima and Stefano). No, it's not the talent that makes the current "Idol" so sickening, it's the judges. Last night, there were some really awful performances, (the notes coming of Stefano's mouth sounded like fingernails on a chalkboard meets tomcats in heat), but the judges, Steven, Jennifer and Randy, are so goddamn nice to everyone. Too nice. The judges tell all the singers they're "great". Come on. Get real. Some of these singers suck and suck bad, and we need Simon Cowell back to tell some truths.
On another note, judge Steven Tyler keeps referring to Jacob as the second coming of Luther Vandross. Actually with Jacob's barely disguised inner drag queen, we keep thinking he's more like the second coming of Sylvester. Which is not a bad thing. Hey, if Jacob could turn out a song as good as "You Make Me Feel Mighty Real", we'd be more than happy.

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