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Thursday, September 30, 2010

5 Questions

Today we asked five of our favorite guys to play a game of "5 Questions".

Our players are:
Craig Ramsay, fitness model and co-star of Bravo's "Thintervention", L.A.;
Eric Turner, fitness model and club owner, Salt Lake City;
Alexander Guerra, artist, photographer and diarist, Miami;
John Odom, fitness model and gym owner, Houston; and
Reeves Watson, singer and model, Atlanta.
The Questions and Answers:

1. What is playing on your Ipod over and over and over?
Craig - Brandi Carlile... the girl can sing!!!
Eric - Livvi Franc, "Nobody Loves Me"... can't get enough!
Alexander - Peaches, "Mommy Complex"
John - Offer Nissim
Reeves - Robyn
2. What's a t.v. show you cannot miss?
Craig - Reruns of "The Golden Girls"... I love'em!
Eric - "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart"
Alexander - "Project Runway"
John - "True Blood"
Reeves - "30 Rock"
3. With whom would you like to spend an afternoon?
Craig - My partner, Brandon Liberati... (brandonliberati.com)
Eric - Fitness model, John Odom... ;-)
Alexander - Andy Warhol
John - Lindsay Lohan
Reeves - Joe Manganiello, ("Alcide" from "True Blood)
4. Despite its/his/her popularity, I could live without ____ .
Craig - That horrible revival of "Wonderful Town" on Broadway a few years back
Eric - Fat girls in tube tops
Alexander - Glenn Beck
John - Alcohol
Reeves - Ke$ha... ughhhhh
5. What would you do with the power of invisibility?
Craig - Watch what my clients are eating behind my back
Eric - Listen to what all my friends are saying behind my back... ha, ha!
Alexander - Get into trouble! Spy on people, because I'm a big voyeur
John - Find out who I could trust
Reeves - Ummm... be invisible?
Thanks, guys, that was fun! Although we're surprised that no one would choose to become invisible and sit in the men's locker room all afternoon with a comfortable chair and a martini. Well, maybe that's just us.
And if any of our readers out there would like to find out more about our favorite guys, check them out at:
Eric Turner - www.thehotbodsquad.com
Alexander Guerra - www.plastiquehouse.com
Reeves Watson - www.reeveswatson.com

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