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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Holy Cow, Batman!

Spending too much time thinking about misguided cultural dysfunctionates like the Tea Baggers leaves a bad taste in our mouths, so let's move on to happier thoughts.
.And nothing makes us happier than to wish a Happy 82nd Birthday to Adam West, t.v.'s
"Batman". Adam West has worked non-stop on television for six decades, he first appeared on t.v. in 1954, and he's most recently had a recurring role on the animated series, "Family Guy". But he'll always be most famous for donning the blue tights and yellow utility belt and playing crime fighter Batman on the wildly popular t.v. series which lasted from 1966 to 1968.
It's funny to watch reruns of the series, now, and to realize how campy the show was, because when it first appeared and we watched it as kids, we took it seriously. We thought, just like every other American kid at the time, that Batman and Robin were so cool. Batman spawned a whole generation of young boys to wrap a towel around their necks and to run through their houses loudly singing the Batman theme song, "Batman! Na na na na na na...". Well, never mind, you had to be there.

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