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Monday, November 29, 2010

It's An Auto-Tune Monday

In another edition of "You Can Take The Girl Out of The Trailer Park, But You Can't Take The Trailer Park Out of The Girl", we catch up today with two of our favorite pop tarts.
Recently Britney Spears was visiting her family in Louisiana, where she stopped at a local Sonic for some tasty fries. Hey, it's okay, a girl's gotta eat, we're just questioning her food choices. Everybody knows the Sonic Tater Tots are way better than the fries. If only she'd had Mercedes from "Glee" in the car with her, they would have definitely gotten the tots.
And then there's the increasingly sad story of Miley Cyrus. The Disney star turned 18 this past week, and she's pulling out all the stops to put her sanitized kiddie image behind her. This photo is from a recent performance in Germany where she wore some gauzy wrap around her underwear. Yawn. Listen, Miley, it's not sexy to try this hard to be sexy. Okay? Unlike your career, real sexiness can't be manufactured. Our advice: ditch your stylist and put the money to much better use, on singing lessons. Ouch.

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