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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Need A Man

We've been posting about Zsa Zsa Gabor for months now, mainly because we thought she was going to die after being rushed to the hospital with congestive heart failure several months ago. But somehow, the 94 year-old legendary beauty/socialite/celebrity is hanging on, despite being recently back in the hospital several times.
And now Zsa Zsa is back in the news because she and her 67 year-old husband, Prince Frederick von Anhalt, are considering having a baby. von Anhalt was on "The Joy Behar Show" last night, and when Joy hinted that the couple might be a little old to have a baby, von Anhalt got very defensive and downright angry that she would imply such a thing. Crazy.

Anyway, for those of you who aren't familiar with the legend of Zsa Zsa, she was a movie actress in the 1950's, but she was mostly famous for being famous, ala Paris Hilton or The Kardashians. She was also a notorious serial bride, having been married nine times. Check out our other posts about Gabor by clicking here, but in the meantime, let's review her Husband History.
#1. Hungarian-born Zsa Zsa first married, in 1937, a Turkish writer, diplomat and political leader in the early days of the Republic of Turkey, Burhan Belge. Gabor was 17 and Belge, at 38, was over twice her age. Gabor traveled to the United States on a diplomatic passport, where she divorced Belge in 1941.

#2. While out one night at the Hollywood hotspot, Ciro's, Gabor met hotel owner, Conrad Hilton, great-grandfather of Paris Hilton. They married in 1942 and had one child, Constance "Francesca" Hilton, Gabor later claiming that the pregnancy was the result of a rape by Conrad. While married to Conrad, Gabor slept with his son, Nicky Hilton, who later married Elizabeth Taylor. While seven months pregnant, Gabor saw a movie with George Sanders and announced that he would be her next husband.

#3. Gabor divorced Hilton in 1947 and married Hollywood actor, George Sanders in 1949. Sanders would soon star in "All About Eve", for which he would win the Best Supporting Actor Oscar in 1951. For most of the time that Zsa Zsa was married to Sanders, she carried on a torrid affair with Porfirio Rubirosa, a Dominican diplomat and famous playboy. Gabor divorced Sanders in 1954; Sanders would later marry Zsa Zsa's sister, Magda Gabor.

In between husbands number three and number four, Zsa Zsa dated millionaire contractor, Hal Hays, who gave her a massive platinum, 25 carat diamond engagement ring which cost, at the time, $250,000. Gabor caused a major scandal when she showed up at a dinner party given by Hays' former fiance, Hollywood actress, Merle Oberon. Also during this time, Zsa Zsa had a few dinner dates with John F. Kennedy.

#4. Finally, Gabor married her next husband, Hal Hutner, a financial consultant and industrialist, in 1962, three weeks after they met. Hutner gave Gabor a 23 carat diamond engagement ring when he proposed. The couple divorced in 1966 after they couldn't overcome their long-distance marriage; Gabor lived in California and Hutner lived and worked in New York.

#5. Just a few days after her divorce from Hutner, Gabor married Texas oilman, Joshua Cosden, Jr., who she had met only six weeks earlier in Dallas on a blind date. They divorced in 1967.

#6. Zsa Zsa lived next door to millionaire inventor, Jack Ryan, known for his work on the Sparrow III Missile, the Barbie Doll and the Chatty Cathy Doll. He was also eccentric, and among his possessions at his home was a fire engine. Ryan and Gabor met when Gabor called him to complain about the noise coming from the fire engine. They married in 1975 and divorced in 1976.
#7. Just three days after her divorce from Jack Ryan in 1976, Zsa Zsa married Michael O'Hara, who had been her divorce attorney during her split from Ryan. Gabor had her longest marriage, to date, with O'Hara, (six years), but they eventually divorced in 1982.

#8. Next up for Zsa Zsa was her one-day marriage to Mexican actor, realtor and playboy, Felipe de Alba. The couple wed at sea off the coast of Puerta Vallarta, Mexico on April 13, 1983, but their marriage was annulled the next day because Gabor's divorce from Michael O'Hara had not been finalized, which technically made Zsa Zsa a bigamist.

Finally, in 1986, Gabor, who always claimed to marry for love, while others always seemed to notice that she had a fondness for millionaires, must have finally found true love. It was that year that Zsa Zsa married Prince Frederick von Anhalt, to whom she is still married today. Frederick is a German prince, which makes Zsa Zsa the Princess of Anhalt, Duchess of Saxony. At one point, the Prince had an affair with Anna Nicole Smith and still claims to this day that he is the father of Anna Nicole's daughter.

Hang in there, Zsa Zsa, we love ya. Yes, you were the ultimate fame-seeking golddigger of all time, but you were also genuinely smart, witty and always hilarious. Paris Hilton and The Kardashians could only hope to be so entertaining. Oh, and good luck with the baby; we can't wait to see you and Zsa Zsa, Jr. at Gymboree class!

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