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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Douche of the Day

Today's "Douche of the Day" honors go to U.S. Congressman Paul Ryan from Wisconsin. Wisconsin, you know, that state where the Republicans think their firemen, policeman and elementary school teachers are ruining their state's economy?

Ryan is the poster boy for the current Republican push for "cutting spending" and balancing the budget. The Republicans ran on that message last fall, and with the help of the crazy Tea Baggers, they won bigtime, taking control of the U.S. House. And for awhile, their message of "America can't spend more than it takes in", played well. And that particular message is true. No doubt about it.

But here's where the Repubs went wrong. And yes, you can count on it, the Republicans always end up over-reaching and screwing up their evil plans. The Repubs failed to take into account that most Americans are much smarter than what they give them credit for. And when the Repubs pushed and pushed and pushed to cut Medicare and Social Security and workers' benefits, not to mention Planned Parenthood, NPR and the EPA, sooner or later the American people were bound to wake up, which they did, and start to question why if they had to lose so many benefits, were the big oil companies, big business, Wall Street and big pharma not also being asked to give a little. Soon the word on the street spread like wildfire that General Electric and Exxon paid no taxes last year. No taxes while making record profits. So most people quickly started realizing that it's not a "spending problem" American has, so much as it's a "revenue problem", as in, some rich people, and some big corporations, are not paying their fair share of taxes. And now it's out in the open, and everyone realizes that the revenue problem, in the form of an antiquated tax code, is the real villain.

But there was Paul Ryan on the Fox Sunday Morning Show with Chris Wallace still trying to trot out that now tired, and now completely exposed as a completely shallow, message of "American has a spending problem". Wow. Ryan, let us explain this to you. Nobody's buying it. Everybody realizes now that unless you ask the big corporations to pay their fair share of taxes, America will never again have a balanced budget, and no amount of cutting of NPR and Planned Parenthood will do the trick. And when you keep smiling at the camera with the goofy, "children of the corn" smile and repeating that same cynical Republican message, you're just starting to look more and more like what you are, a douchebag.

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