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Monday, May 23, 2011

It's All or Nothing This Week

It's all or nothing this week for Novak Djokovic. Almost everyone now knows about his quest to break John McEnroe's 27 year-old record of a best start to a tennis year. McEnroe's record from 1984 is 42-0.

The French Open started yesterday, the second Grand Slam of the year, and just minutes ago Djokovic won his first round match of the tournament, upping his win streak for the year to 38-0. McEnroe's streak ended in 1984 in the finals of the French Open.

With no American tennis stars currently in the sport, Americans don't follow tennis closely anymore, and most Americans have never heard of Novak Djokovic. But a lot of sports writers have recently mentioned that when it comes to sports, Americans do love their statistics, and so even though they don't know Djokovic, they've now heard of his unbelievable "win streak". A lot of people will be watching Djokovic's every match this week to see if he can break McEnroe's record.

On a much sadder sports note, last night CBS's "60 Minutes" aired their much-hyped interview with Tyler Hamilton, Lance Armstrong's former cycling teammate. Hamilton leveled new charges that Armstrong had, indeed, "doped" while winning his seven Tour de France titles. Armstrong wasted no time this morning in denying the charges, but many have suspected for years that the sport of cycling has been rife with "doping" for some time. All we can say is that if Armstrong is found guilty of doping, not only will he spend some time in prison, but he will destroy his image as one of America's greatest sports heroes. Hamilton also admitted to doping, and last week he surrendered the 2004 Olympic Gold Medal that he won in Athens.

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