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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Crazy Times Ten

Well, the reviews are in for the Monday night's Republican Debate, and by all accounts, the winners, according to the media, were Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann. Oh god, hang on for just a second while we shit our pants...

Okay, we're back. Michele Bachmann? Really? Listen, we've written many times about how lazy mainstream journalists are, and how completely inadequate they are at doing their jobs these days. But this is ridiculous. Case in point: just a few short weeks ago, Chris Matthews of MSNBC's "Hardball" and Joe Scarborough of MSNBC's "Morning Joe" were literally, and we do mean literally, laughing at Michele Bachmann for what a certifiable nut-job she was. Bachmann has single-handedly made the phrase "batshit crazy" popular in the past year. And now, after one debate in which she didn't chew her hair and drool down her chin, these same "journalists" are calling her a credible candidate. Jesus Q. Christ! Come on!

Don't worry, you can always count on us to tell you the truth, even if Matthews and Scarborough are afraid to. And the truth is that Michele Bachmann is still batshit crazy. Period. This is a woman who doesn't understand homosexuality, and she lets her extreme religious beliefs guide her political decision-making, among many other qualities which usually indicate loose screws. As we said yesterday, (click here), you can't really take someone seriously who in 2010 still doesn't understand homosexuality, and the last time we had a president who let his religious beliefs make his political decisions, (George W. Bush in 2001), we lost eight years of precious, desperately needed federal funding for stem cell research. Many people have forgotten Bush's first few months in office, pre-9/11 attack. He only did two things in those early days: he played a lot of golf, and he had to decide whether or not to support federal funding for stem cell research. After much "thought", Bush ended up letting his religious advisors convince him that stem cell research was evil and would lead to "baby-killing". Later, Pres. Obama lifted that ban on funding, and since that time, the stem cell research community has made stunning, unbelievable strides in the march toward curing diseases for which we thought we'd never find cures. And we would be even eight years further down that research path if we hadn't lost those years to a backwoods, Bible-thumping President. And with Michele Bachmann as president, that's exactly what we'd get all over again. Do you really want to go back to those days?

So we need Chris Matthews and Joe Scarborough, and many other "journalists" to continue laughing at Michele Bachmann, and laughing loudly. She is a joke, and we cannot for one second afford to let anyone think that she could credibly lead this country as president. And don't worry, Chris and Joe, that someone might think you're not a serious journalists if you laugh publicly at a presidential candidate, no one really considers you serious journalists now.

It was just a few months ago that Bachmann told Chris Matthews on his show that certain members of Congress needed to be investigated for their possible Un-American ties, (we're guessing she's never heard of Joe McCarthy), and even more recently she tried to give a national address on t.v. and ended up staring at the wrong camera the entire time, which prompted a devastating Kristen Wiig parody on "Saturday Night Live". People, this new polished Michele Bachmann is the same Michele Bachmann from those recent events, and no amount of lipstick is going to change that pig.

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