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Sunday, February 8, 2009

2009 Baftas - 9:44 pm

Back at the Baftas... this is exhausting! Shia LeBoueff, did we spell that right? gave the award for "Rising Star" to Noel Clark . Toby Kebbell was one of the nominees, who we recently saw in "Rocknrolla", and he was dazzingly sexy in that film, an especially difficult task considering he was playing a drugged-out crackhead.
Next up was Terry Gilliam who won an "Academy Fellowship". Cut to audience: Brad and Angelina look unhappy. Angelina's eyes look like they could bore a hole through your head. Eeek.
(toby kebbell)
Daniel Craig, (holy crap that man is HOT!!), came out to give the award for Best Actress. And no surprise, Kate Winslet won for "The Reader". Kate took our advice and worked on her speech, instead of acting like a 12 year-old boy who's just had his first orgasm, (out of breath, panting, overwhelmed at how good it feels), she managed a coherent, thoughtful acceptance speech. Keep it up, Kate, and get your Oscar acceptance speech ready, honey, you're going to need it.
Back to the Grammys!
(daniel craig and kate winslet)

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