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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hillbilly Girl Hits The Big Time

And speaking of movie awards, the awards show season officially kicked off last night in New York with the first major awards of the season, the Gotham Independent Film Awards. The winner for Best Feature was "Winter's Bone", which has been steadily growing in critical praise since its release a few months ago. But don't get overly excited, "Winter's Bone" is a gritty drama about an Ozark Mountain girl's search for her drug-dealing father, not a gay porn film about a weekend in Aspen.
(jennifer lawrence)
The Gotham Awards are only for independent films, so they're not exactly a true predictor of the Oscars, although "Winter's Bone" did beat out some heavyweight competition, "The Kids Are All Right", "Blue Valentine", "Black Swan" and "Let Me In". What winning the Gothams will do for "Winter's Bone" is to help increase its chances of being more seriously considered for an Oscar for Best Picture. The film's young star, Jennifer Lawrence, also just climbed a few rungs up the slippery ladder of grabbing one of those coveted five spots for Best Actress.

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