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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

You Mean No More Whoopi Goldberg Fart Jokes?

Well, we got what we deserved. We've done nothing but go on and on about the fabulousness of actor James Franco for the past year, and now everyone wants a piece of him. Why didn't we just keep our mouths shut so we could have kept him for ourselves? Last week came a report that for a taping of James Lipton's
"Inside The Actors Studio" with guest James Franco, a record number of industry executives and fans who wanted to attend the taping had to be turned away. And now comes the news that Franco, along with Anne Hathaway, has been tapped to host the upcoming Oscars show. Franco's popularity was bound to increase, his films roles have been becoming more frequent and more substantial, but we're guessing that his recent stint on the ABC soap "General Hospital" had a great deal to do with raising his visibility with the mainstream public.
As for his hosting the Oscars, we're not so sure. It's not new that popular actors are asked to host the Academy Awards, or that a host might also be one of the nominees, but we think the choice of Franco and Hathaway might not work for other reasons. It's been many years since the Oscar show has been seriously revered, and thus needed a dignified host with gravitas; as far back as most boomers and post-boomers can remember, the Oscar host has always been a comedian, which helped the show itself, aside from the trophy hand-out, to be funny and entertaining. But the choice of Franco and Hathaway almost seems like a throwback to an earlier, more serious Oscar age, one which we're not sure modern t.v. audiences will enjoy. We'll soon see.

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