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Friday, April 22, 2011

Nazi Catfight

Oscar winner Christoph Waltz was on "The Jimmy Kimmel Show" last night to promote his new movie, "Water for Elephants", and he mentioned that Arnold Schwarzenegger has never, to date, called to congratulate him on his Oscar win from a year ago. Considering that there are only two famous Austrian actors in Hollywood, Arnold and Christoph Waltz, Kimmel thought it was strange and wondered if the snub was due to professional jealousy on Arnold's part. But we'd be more likely to believe that Arnold might have hesitated to publicly congratulate Waltz because of the fact that Arnold's father was a member of the Nazi Party during World War II. And Waltz's role in his Oscar-winning movie was that of a demented, sadistic Nazi soldier, and so two Austrians reveling in any kind of Nazi-related glory might have been ill-advised for the California governor.

Our favorite moment on Kimmel's show, though, was when Waltz claimed that he had recently been a judge on "American Idol", at which point, Kimmel cut to the "video" of Waltz's stint on the talent show. In the comic video, Waltz wears a black t-shirt, siminlar to Simon Cowell's, and mercilessly berates the contestants. To Stefano, (who was just eliminated last night), Waltz says, "Stefano, you were terrible. You were naive, you were unlistenable. You were actually abhorrent. You failed. And therefore, you leave me no choice to sentence you to death by firing squad." And then Waltz goes on to berate the other judges, Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson, by telling them, “When someone is terrible, you don’t inflate a malfunctioning ego. You don’t shower undeserved praise on the lobotomized squeakbox." Oh my. It was only a comedic video skit, hilarious by the way, but evidently we're not the only ones thinking that the current "Idol" judges suck.

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