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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscar Wrap-Up

Well, we just gotta say it, for all the hype about changing the Oscar show, and making it more fun and entertaining, in all seriousness, we think the producers failed miserably.
Musical numbers have never really worked on the Oscar show, and these tonight, were particularly mangled and poorly produced. The only music we ever really enjoyed on the show were the performances of the nominated songs, and they almost completely cut those out this year.
The only real change in the show was the way in which the acting awards were given out. It seemed like a nice idea at first to bring out previous winners and have them give a verbal recognition to the nominated actors' performances, but then, on second thought, we realized we really missed the old tradition of playing a film clip of the nominated performances. Showing the film clip had a much more powerful impact on the audience. Having live actors heap praise on their fellow actors, in the end, just seemed a little too masturbatory and self-indulgent.
And we realize now, more than ever, that the host should be a comedian. We love Hugh Jackman, but a musical singer/dancer just can't carry this show. And that opening number was just f**king embarrassing.
We don't know what they're going to do for next year. But we predict heads will roll, because we think the official media reviews for this show are going to be a bloodbath.

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