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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscars - 11:56

And finally, Steven Spielberg gives the Oscar for Best Picture to "Slumdog Millionaire". No surprise there.
"Slumdog" becomes one of the "smallest" films of all time to win Best Picture. When it originally opened, it was only in something like eight theaters total. Eight. It slowly built strength through word of mouth and ended up winning every single award for which it was nominated this year. The only bad mark on its record of achievement is the fact that no actors from the film were nominated, but that has happened before in Oscar history, so it wasn't a slight singled out for this movie. "Slumdog" ended up winning eight Oscars tonight, more than any other film.
Last year, no Americans won an acting Oscar, and it almost happened again this year. Sean Penn kept it from being an American wipeout. Kate Winslet is from England, Heath Ledger from Australia and Penelope Cruz from Spain.

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