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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pardon Me, Ma'am, But Your Headlights Are On

First we were subjected to the sight of Goldie Hawn and Sophia Loren's giant ta-tas on parade at the Oscars, then today we got word that during her musical number with Hugh Jackman, that one of Beyonce's little girls slipped out of her top. But today, the mammary story to top all mammary stories hit the internet. Sharon Stone showed up Elton John's post-Oscar party wearing a see-through top.
To say this woman is fully embracing her full cougar-hood with open abandon would be a world-class understatement. At the Bafta Awards a few weeks back, she did nothing to hide her full-on pursuit of "Slumdog"'s young star, Dev Patel, and at the Oscars, evidently, she was anxiously trawling for even more young flesh.
Let's just hope that someone comes forward with a good, juicy story of what Miss Stone did that night with her headlights on high-beam. Regardless of her success or failure that night, though, you gotta give it to her, for being post-50, she looks hot!

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