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Friday, March 6, 2009

Fashion Week WTF? - Part IV

First Lady Michelle Obama continues to dazzle us daily with a smart and sexy fashion sense... meanwhile, others on the national scene seem intent on embarrassing themselves.

They dried out Brit Brit long enough to prop her up to make more money for her entourage, but it looks like her fashion stylist gave up and drove off a cliff. Here, the warbly-voiced pop mess looks like the Cowardly Lion who ate his lion tamer and donned his ensemble.

Speaking of tween dreams, here's Miley Cyrus who looks like a 1972 hippie who not only left the cake out in the rain, but then brought it in the house and ate it. Ick.

Holy crap, it's Mickey Rourke! Or did Charles Nelson Reilly come back from the grave?

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