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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Sports

Earlier today, Roger Federer completely dismantled Andy Murray to take the 2010 Australian Open tennis title. It was Federer's 16th major title, two more than the 14 held by the former record holder, Pete Sampras.
There has been much discussion in the sports world in the past month as to who should claim to the title of "Greatest Athlete of the Decade". Almost everyone agrees it should either be Federer or Tiger Woods, (Sports Illustrated Magazine named the Federer to the top position). To us, it's not even open for discussion. First, we don't consider golf a sport; a sport in which there isn't even any running involved can't seriously be considered a "sport". A New York Times columnist also pointed out that golf is the only "sport" in which you can gain weight while playing! Golf is a "game", albeit a highly skilled game, but nevertheless, a "game" and not a "sport". But regardless of how one feels about golf, the question of which is the better athlete, Federer or Woods, is laughable. Watching Federer's swift footwork around the court has been compared to that of the greatest ballet dancers; it's quite easy to imagine that Federer could play any number of sports and be good at them. Meanwhile, has anyone ever even seen Tiger Woods so much as break into a slow trot? And running from a golf-club wielding Elin Woods doesn't count.

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