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Friday, February 17, 2012

#9 Henry Cavill

At #9 is the guy closest to breaking into the big time, the new Superman, Henry Cavill. If you watched the t.v. series, "The Tudors", you couldn't miss the very good looking guy playing Charles Brandon, the Duke of Suffolk, but then Cavill got pumped to play the oft-shirtless Theseus in "Immortals", and let's just put it this way, he got our notice.

Then came Cavill's big break, he was cast as the new Superman in the upcoming movie, "Man of Steel", and his body is so rocking that he might just be the first comic book hero in Hollywood history who didn't have to have padding to fill out his suit. When the first photos emerged of Cavill in his Superman suit, there was some controversy about the obvious man-bulge in Cavill's nether regions, but you're not hearing any complaints from us. Let's just hope that Cavill doesn't go the way of Gerard Butler, who after appearing as a muscle god in "300", soon let his body turn into a fat tub of goo.

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