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Thursday, March 8, 2012

#8 Stephen Lang

At #8 is another older guy, 60 year old actor, Stephen Lang. Lang is probably the least known of the guys on our list, but in the past couple of years he snagged a couple of high profile roles, in the film, "Avatar", and on the t.v. series, "Terra Nova".

Lang made his t.v. debut in 1981, and in 1992 was nominated for a Tony Award for the Broadway play, "The Speed of Darkness".

Lang makes our list not only because he's working a muscle-bound hotness, but because he's working a muscle-bound hotness at age 60. This guy, not afraid to let the freak flag of his gray hair fly, is the definitive "hot daddy".

It was just announced this week that Lang's show, "Terra Nova" has been cancelled, but it's okay, with appeal like Lang's, it won't be long before he makes another appearance. In fact, he currently has three movies either completed or in pre-production, and in 2013, we'll see him as Abraham Lincoln in the t.v. mini-series, "To Appomattox". Obviously, he'll be the first Lincoln in screen history with pecs.

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