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Thursday, December 13, 2012

We Don't Even Have The Energy

Okay, okay, so the 2013 Golden Globes nominations were announced this morning, and... what?  oh, sorry, we dozed off for a second.  Before you get too excited, just remember the Golden Globes are among the fakest of the fake awards given in the world of entertainment.  Refer to the post we wrote last year aobut what the Golden Globes really are, and you'll see what we mean, (in the Labels list, click on "2011 Golden Globes)".  But with that said, sometimes the Globes indicate the popularity of a particular movie or actor, and so for the Oscar voters who are solely influenced by popularity, the Globes can be an influencing factor.
There aren't any surprises in this year's Globes nods, all the nominated films and actors have already either won critics awards, or been nominated for other industry awards.  The only new names on the lists are some of folks from "Django Unchained", and Bill Murray from "Hyde Park on Hudson".  This year's Globes looks like it won't force any major changes in the Oscar race, but it will be what it always was, an excuse for a bunch of stars to appear on t.v., try to win a little trophy and drink a lot of free booze.  And in the end, isn't that all we need?

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