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Sunday, February 14, 2010

2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics - Day 3

(bryon wilson)

johnny spillane, #4, and todd lodwick, #2)

On Day 3 of the Vancouver Games, the U.S. continued its lead in the total medal count with six. Johnny Spillane took the first-ever U.S. medal in the Nordic Combined event when he won
the silver, barely being edged out at the finish line for the gold. Fellow Americans Todd Lodwick finished in fourth and Bill Demong finished sixth. The Nordic Combined event, (a combination of Ski Jumping and Cross Country Ski Racing), has been a part of the Winter Olympics since the very beginning in 1924, but until this year, it was a sport in which the Americans never had a prayer. But just like the rest of the world is finally, slowly beginning to catch up with the U.S. in sports like basketball, the U.S. is finally getting more serious about competing in the some of the more obscure winter sports.

(bryon wilson in the men's moguls)

One sport in which the U.S. has always done well, though, is the Moguls Skiing Event. Last night, American Hannah Kearney won the gold in the Women's Moguls, and tonight, American Bryon Wilson won the bronze medal in the Men's Moguls.

(johnny spillane receives his silver medal)

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