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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sarah Palin: High School Dodgeball Victim

It's official: Sarah Palin is mentally challenged.
She's so dumb, well, you know how our popular movie culture portrays the dimmest bulbs in high school as the kids who have to play dodge ball in remedial P.E.? Sarah Palin not only must have been remanded to dodge ball as a daily routine, but we think she must have gotten hit in the face one too many times.
At the Tea Party Convention in Nashville last week, she was caught with crib notes on her hand. Yes, actual crib notes, you know, those things we all wrote on our hands in high school when we hadn't studied for the test? Her speech was lightweight at best, basically just a pep rally-type address meant to rouse her supporters, thus she addressed the topics about which she cares the most. And when speaking about the things she feels the most passionate about, she needed help remembering them? Wow.
This incident follows the stories related in Mark Halperin and John Heileman's book, "Game Change" in which Sarah Palin almost had an emotional meltdown when preparing for her debate against Joe Biden because she couldn't remember basic facts, and she couldn't stop calling the vice presidential candidate "Joe O'Biden". McCain's staff was also horrified when they realized she didn't understand World War I, World War II, why there is a North and South Korea, etc., etc., etc. And this woman was seriously considered for the second most important job in the nation!!
Look, we're the last people on earth to make fun of others who aren't very smart. Not everyone was blessed with brains, and that's okay, it takes all kinds of folks to make this wonderful world go around. But when you take a public, political stand against Pres. Obama and the Democrats for not understanding the issues that are important to the American people, and you, yourself, need to write words on your hand just to know what to talk about, then you need to be called out. So Sarah, honey, here's your shout out: You're a dumbass! And you're just not smart enough to be in public office. Okay? Now to keep from further embarrassing yourself and your political party, maybe you should just sit down and keep your mouth shut, and let the smart people tell you what to do. Otherwise, we predict a big, red, scary, rubber dodgeball with your name on it is heading right toward your face.

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