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Monday, March 8, 2010

2010 Oscars

Let's face it, we thought the Oscar show last night was a disaster, and even worse, incredibly boring. The jokes were lame, the awful dance and musical numbers were there, and they still haven't figured out how to present the minor awards in an interesting way. But these aren't our biggest complaints with the show. Since the beginning of Oscar on t.v., there have always been bad hosts, bad jokes and boring segments. No, there's another more disappointing aspect of the show, and it's maybe not even the show's fault. It's the fact that there are now so many pre-Oscar awards shows, i.e. the SAGS, the Golden Globes, the Baftas, etc., all covered ad nauseum by the 24 hour news media, so that figuring out who's going to win the Oscars is absolutely no surprise. You would have had to have been living in a cave not to know that Mo'Nique, Christoph Waltz, Jeff Bridges and Sandra Bullock were all going to win. It takes all the surprise and excitement out of the Oscars; the winners knew they were going to win, which takes the fun out of their acceptance speeches, and the audience knew they were going to win. The audience last night looked downright bored.
We've got a suggestion. Why not have the Oscars before all those other awards shows? Then maybe the Oscar wins would be somewhat of a surprise. But wouldn't that diminish the importance of the Golden Globes, since the Globes are thought of as a predictor of the Oscars? Bingo. If an actor didn't care about winning a Golden Globe after he'd already won an Oscar, that ought to tell you something about the Golden Globes.

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