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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

And The California Republicans Have No Comment

Just the other day we mentioned the story of California State Senator Roy Ashburn, (scroll down to read the post), who was pulled over and given a DUI after leaving a popular gay nightclub in Sacremento. Sen. Roy Ashburn, a Republican, has always voted against every piece of gay legislation that has come before him in the state senate.
(ashburn in happier times and in last week's jailhouse photo)
Now Sen. Ashburn has come out of the closet, admitting in a radio interview that he is, indeed gay. Wow, what a surprise. Notably, the California Republican Party has no comment. Of course not, it's really difficult to defend unbelievably cynical hypocrisy. Now let's just hope that some Republican closet cases in the U.S. Senate and House take Ashburn's lead and follow him into the light of day.

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