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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tea-Baggers for Ameriker!!

We love America and the fact that everyone has a right to voice their opinions in America, and we definitely love a good, spirited, honest debate about political issues. But these Tea-Baggers? Come on, it's really hard to take them as serious.
Yesterday, Sarah Palin headlined a Tea-Bagger rally in Searchlight, Nevada, (Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's hometown), and said that Sen. Reid
"will have to explain his votes" when he comes back to his hometown to campaign. Really, Sarah? Will he have to explain his votes in the same way that McCain's campaign staff had to explain World War II to you, and how they had to explain to you why there is a North and South Korea?
And Palin went on to say that the time has come to take back the government from "European-style socialism." To Palin's crowd, the word "socialism" must conjure truly scary images; socialists must be those people who would invade your country, enslave you, rape you and steal your land, religion and culture. Sort of like what Sarah Palin's European ancestors did to Native Americans and Africans. But no, Sarah, socialism is much more benign than that, in fact; socialism is simply anytime that the entire community or state pools its resources for the common good of all the people, you know, as in the public school system, the police department, the fire department, not to mention Social Security and Medicare. Would you like to try to rid the United States of these institutions, Sarah? As we said, it's hard to take people as serious who are this seriously stupid.
But never mind, the Republicans are drunk on their own stupidity, and they're convinced that they're going to win big in the November mid-term elections. But let us "explain" to you, Sarah, how that's going to go down. Americans hate witches, no doubt, but there's one thing they hate even worse than witches, and that's over-zealous witch-hunters. And as frightened as Americans might be by something new, like the Health Care Law, they're even more frightened by right-wing crazies screaming "faggot" and "nigger" at U.S. Congressmen while holding signs with lots of misspelled words. Clinton might have been committed a serious infraction by getting a blowjob in the Oval Office, but in the end, the American people were much more turned off by the fanatical, self-righteous Republicans who went after him for it. So as far as the November elections go, Sarah, just keep on showing up, making ridiculous statements and flogging your dim-witted followers into a overheated frenzy, and believe us, the Democrats will thank you for it later.

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