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Saturday, April 24, 2010

And Hundreds of Hollywood Wives Hold Their Breath

Howard Bragman, the Hollywood P.R. genius who has helped many gay actors, pro athletes and other famous personalities to come out of the closet, has announced that he's orchestrating the "coming out" of another famous person on May 5. Bragman talked about the event at the April 17 GLAAD Media Awards, and supposedly, People Magazine has an exclusive on the story, and the person is booked on several talk shows that week, including "The View".
(howard bragman)
So, of course, speculation has run amok about the identity of the personality who is ready to emerge from the closet. Depending on which blogs you read, and the hundreds of comments left by readers of these blogs, the front-runners seem to be Queen Latifah, Jonny Weir, Jeremy Renner, ("The Hurt Locker"), Taylor Lautner, and gasp!, yes, even Jake Gyllanhal. Who knows who it will be, in the end, we don't care, we're just glad to know that another human being will be able to live his/her life honestly, and that another brick is taken down from the huge wall of homophobia that exists in America and which is especially repressive in Hollywood.

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Rob said...

Good for Howard!