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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jenny, Jenny, Who Can I Turn To?

The Hollywood Reporter has a new story about Jason Bateman, whose acting career has had a major resurgence in the past few years, cutting in line in L.A. for a new Apple iPhone. Evidently, he was waiting in line with 2,000 others Los Angeleans, (he didn't send an assistant to wait for him?), anxious to purchase the latest edition of the much-hyped techno-contraption, when an Apple store worker pulled him to the front of the line and let him buy his phone before the rest of the crowd. When he emerged, the 2,000 angry tech geeks booed him.
Listen, when 2,000 grown adults are willing to stand in line for hours to buy a new gadget, the story is not what celebrity cut in line, but the fact that 2,000 grown adults were willing to stand in line for hours to buy a new gadget. Jesus! Get some help, people. And getting that psychological help should be easy; we're sure there's an App for that.

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