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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Mr. President

Today is Pres. Barack Obama's 49th birthday, a day on which the ratings for his appearance on last week's "The View" were announced. His third visit to the daytime talk show, his first as a sitting President, garnered 6.6 million viewers, the highest ratings for the show since its premiere in 1997. Of course, the elephant in the room was whether or not rabid and dimwitted Republican, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, would ask the President a tough question. She didn't. Instead, she lobbed him a softball, but later, when Obama was mentioning the fact that he'd like to see more high school students attend college, those crazy, right-winger voices in Hasselbeck's head started taking over, and she couldn't resist, loudly interrupting the President's remarks to bark, "But will those students have jobs when they get out of college?!". (That was Fox News talking point which accuses the President of not "creating jobs". Someone must have forgotten to mention to Hasselbeck that the Republicans voted against a jobs bill last week.) The President calmly continued his remarks, largely ignoring the Sarah Palin-like bimbo. It was a brief moment but very telling, Elisabeth knew she wouldn't be allowed to lead the Pledge of Allegiance at her next tea-bagger klan rally if she didn't get in at least one hystrionic zinger. She did her best. Oh, by the way, Happy Birthday, Barack Obama!

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