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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Twisted Sister

One of main voices opposing gay marriage is that of
Maggie Gallagher, of the National Organization for Marriage, (NOM), the organization which is primarily responsible for placing Prop 8 on the California ballot in 2008. After yesterday's ruling by Judge Vaughn Walker which declared Prop 8 to be unconstitutional, Gallagher was quick to speak out. She said that nowhere in our U.S. Constitution does it give gay people the right to marry. We are tempted to remind Gallagher that the original U.S. Constitution also doesn't say anything about slavery, women's rights, rights for Native Americans, etc., etc., etc., but as we have evolved as a society, we have tried to correct previous errors in the Constitution with Amendments to the Constitution. So the bigger question is why is someone like Maggie Gallagher so hostile toward her fellow Americans, and so anti-American when it comes to correcting previous social mistakes? We have to ask, WHO STOLE HER LUNCH MONEY? In other words, Gallagher strikes us as one of those poor, unfortunate kids who didn't fit in in junior high school for some reason, and was beaten up and had her lunch money stolen on a regular basis. Then kids like her grow up and spend the rest of their lives trying to "get back" at the popular kids, those who made fun of them in junior high. These people are usually marked by anger, resentment, bitterness and a need to lash out at anyone they don't understand or with whom they don't agree. Which is a perfect description of Maggie Gallagher.
We've been watching Miss Gallagher for many years, she was once a regular panelist on Bill Maher's original "Politically Incorrect" talk show when it first premiered on the Comedy Central Network in 1994. But unlike many people who mature and progress emotionally over the course of their adult lives, Miss Gallagher still, in 2010, seems to be that same scared, angry, frustrated woman she was in 1994. Has she not learned anything about people, or life, in 16 years?

We all know the drill by now. Even the most virulent homophobes, once they are acquainted with a gay person, either in the workplace, or at school, or by a family member coming out to them, the result is always the same. Those homophobes always come around, eventually, and realize that gay people are not any different from anyone else. And then, at some point, there is the sad realization by those homophobes that they wasted a lot of years of their lives believing in silly myths and superstitions about gay people which were created out of fear and ignorance. And those same homophobes, now enlightened, wonder how they could have been so stupid and naive. So someone like Maggie Gallagher always makes us scratch our heads. How can someone who has worked for so many years in a national organization not ever met or worked with a gay person? Wait a minute, back that up. How does anyone who has reached the age of 49 not ever met or worked with a gay person? Well, the truth is, Gallagher has. She's met and worked with many gay people, she just doesn't know it. You'd literally have to be living in a cave not to meet any gay people in 2010, or at least live in a cave created in your own mind. But we're guessing that the few gay people that Gallagher has met, either didn't let her know they were gay, or they mocked her, laughing at her ignorance the same way those evil, popular junior high classmates probably laughed at her for her awkward rotundity. (Rotundity? Hey, look, we're Sarah Palin, we made up a new word!)
Anyway, all we can say for someone like Miss Gallagher is we hope that one day she gets the psychological help she obviously needs. One day, maybe, with a lot of really hard work, she can release those emotional demons which are ruling her life, and erase those painful memories of the time in which the big 9th grade lesbians on the field hockey team cornered little Maggie in the hallway and taught her a couple of moves with their "sticks" which she'll never forget.

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