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Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's Such a Pretty World Today

Every so often a television commercial comes along which uses a song and, despite your best efforts, you can't keep from tapping your toe to the song and humming it later in your head. Case in point: the current Volkswagon Jetta commercial which features a long forgotten hit, "Another Day, Another Dollar", by a long forgotten country music star, Wynn Stewart.

Wynn Stewart was a country star in the 1960's who was one of the founders of "The Bakersfield Sound", which paved the way for country giant, Buck Owens, among others. Stewart's "Another Day, Another Dollar" reached #27 on the country charts in 1962, but three years later, he scored his most famous hit, the #1 "It's Such a Pretty World Today". We've always loved Wynn Stewart, and we're happy to see him get some fun, long overdue attention.

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