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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Slugger

This is strange for us; we normally don't publish full frontal nude shots at all, and now we're publishing two in a row. But hey, this story is too good too pass up. An alleged photo of the baseball legend, Mickey Mantle, nude in a locker room, has surfaced on, of all places, a prison website. The website, which showcases the "hottest prison inmates", (yes, we know, it's creepy!), claims the photo is real, that the photo was sent to the owner of the website by "a famous photographer". The New York Daily News, however, has gone to great lengths to point out that the photo is a fake. Who knows? To us, the fact that a photo of a nude man gets this much national attention says something about how sexually prurient we still are in this country. Which, in turn, helps to explain why so many people are still so freaked out by homosexuality. America, we really should grow up about sex one day soon, don't you think?

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