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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Oscar Grub - Balls to the Wall

The Best Supporting Actor category for the upcoming 2011 Oscars is quickly taking shape, and it looks to be a two-man race between Mark Ruffalo for "The Kids Are All Right" and Geoffrey Rush for "The King's Speech". Rush has won the Best Actor trophy before, and it's rare to win more than one Oscar, plus Ruffalo is one of those actors that is beloved by the Academy but has never even gotten a nomination before. But not so fast, Ruffalo, there's only one problem standing in your way: Rush has been earning the best reviews of his career for "The King's Speech".

Other strong contenders include newcomer Andrew Garfield for "The Social Network", Christian Bale for "The Fighter" and Matt Damon for "True Grit". But "The Fighter" and "True Grit" haven't even been released yet, so we'll have to wait and see what kind of reviews those guys get for those flicks. In the "Are You Out of Your Fucking Mind" category, there's even some talk that Justin Timberlake could grab a nomination for "The Social Network", but come on, unless they come up with a new Academy division for fro-headed, moderately talented actors who also put out really bad pop music, we ain't buying it. Timberlake will more likely grab a Golden Globe, which is sort of like the cotton candy version of an Oscar, but hey, if Madonna and Sharon Stone can take home a Globe, there's no reason why Timberlake can't buy one, too.
(below: Melissa Leo and Christian Bale in "The Fighter";
and Andrew Garfield in "The Social Network")

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