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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry F**king Christmas!

We see that Bill Maher's new season of "Real Time" on HBO is returning on January 14. Thank god. Just in time to help us through the insanity that will be the new Republican Congress. And trust us, the new Republican Congress will be insane.

Anyway, Maher is also our favorite Tweeter on Twitter, and so we bring you some of his funniest Tweets from the past few days.

Dec. 25: Football game, basketball games - this country's unwavering focus today on the baby Jesus is fucking spooky! Pass the nachos

Dec. 25: Is this a bad time to mention that churches really shld pay taxes like any other business?

Dec. 24: Merry Mythmas!

Dec. 20: Over half of Republicans believe in Creationism - for those too young to recall, they didn't used to be the party of ignorance-what happened?

Dec. 15: Did u see that lady hit the Panama City shooter with her purse? I wish the Dems had balls that big to hit the Republicans with their purse

Thank you, Bill, and please, hurry back!

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