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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

And Gay People Still Can't Get Married? Part XXXVII

Here's a shot of lovers and recently engaged to be married couple, actor Eddie Cibrian and singer LeAnn Rimes, vacationing recently in Mexico. The entertainment power duo made gossip headlines when they had an affair and subsequently left their respective spouses for each other and announced their own engagement in December 2010.
The gossip mongers are drooling over how hot the couple looks, although it looks to us as if maybe LeAnn could stand to eat a ham sandwich or two, and Eddie needs to drop the outdated granny shorts for a more current men's swimsuit.
But, hey, at least the two can marry, cheat on their spouses and get together in a new marriage which will probably last about two years. Anything is preferable to gay people being able to marry, right?

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