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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Do You Really Want to Say "No" to Anton Chigurh?

Whenever major award nominations are announced, there's always immediate talk of "who got snubbed" because he/she didn't receive a nomination. But for the most part, especially with the Oscars, most actors who turn in note-worthy performances end up being recognized in some way. Movies are so pervasive in our culture that if someone does something really amazing in one, someone's going to notice. But with that said, sometimes a mind-blowing performance does fall through the cracks, either because the actor's film didn't get enough recognition, or the actor doesn't have enough "buzz" around himself. And then sometimes, the entire industry just commits one big, colossal fuck-up. And so far, it looks like the latter might have occurred in the case of recognizing Javier Bardem for his performance in "Biutiful".

A few weeks ago, we started noticing how many critics were mentioning that they wished that Bardem would win some recognition for his performance as a Spanish underworld figure who is dying of cancer and attempts to put his life in order before his demise. The movie caused a stir at Cannes last year, but for some reason after almost thirty different critics awards have been given in the past few weeks, there hasn't been one mention of Bardem.
A few weeks ago, the director of "Biutiful", Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, told Eonline.com that he screened his film for actor Sean Penn a year ago, and when it was over, Penn was speechless for 15 minutes, stunned at Bardem's performance. And now, today, Julia Roberts was quoted as saying that she thought Bardem should get an Oscar nomination, saying that, "If there's not hope for talent, then we're (expletive)."

(javier bardem and julia roberts in "eat pray love")

So with this kind of acclaim, why hasn't Javier Bardem won one single trophy in this movie award season so far? It's a head scratcher. But let's face it, sometimes, as a people, we're more like sheep than human beings with their own minds, and when someone makes the first move to honor someone, everyone else just follows along. And sadly, it looks like no one made the first move this year to recognize Bardem. It's especially strange considering that Bardem just won an Oscar three years ago for "No Country For Old Men", so it's not like he's not on the radars of Hollywood awards-givers. But don't panic, something tells us that Bardem might still get an Oscar nom. In Hollywood, when Sean Penn and Julia Roberts speak, people listen.
In related Javier Bardem news, Bardem has made no secret of the fact that he's dying to be on the hit t.v. show, "Glee". He's told anyone who will listen that he and the show's producer, Ryan Murphy, have discussed that Bardem would play a heavy-metal rock-and-roller. But lately, Bardem has told several reporters that he hasn't received a script yet, and that he fears his lack of a singing ability might hurt his chances to be on the show. Really? Javier, please, having no ability to sing has nothing to do with being on "Glee". And yes, we're looking at you, Britney.

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