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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lindsey, Lindsey, Let Down Your Golden Hair

British t.v. is not the only thing that's too complicated for most of us; we're similarly in constant awe of American politics. We just finished watching the big three Sunday morning talk shows, "Meet The Press", "This Week" and "Fox News Sunday", and we have to say, the coming Congress which will be sworn in this week promises to be one, big, three-ring circus. The Democrats and Republicans will certainly battle it out, but even more fun, the Tea Baggers are already angry at their ugly step-mothers, the Republicans, and the Tea Bags are vowing to hold the Repubs' feet to the fire. Oh, it's just all so delicious; we can't wait.
Many Americans show no interest in politics, disgusted by the fact that both the Dems and Repubs are corrupt and have no real interest in helping the American people. True enough, but there is a real, unwavering difference between the two parties. Only you want see that difference by listening to the media talking heads, they can't tell the real truth. And you certainly won't see the difference between the two parties by listening to their "talking points". To understand the real difference in the mindset between the two competing political institutions, you have to read between the lines.
For instance, take the upcoming battle of Pres. Obama's Health Care Law. If we heard the phrase "repeal ObamaCare" once this morning, we heard it fifty times. The Repubs are quite simply, obsessed with repealing the landmark legislation. But why do they hate it so? They claim to want to help the American people, yet they really, really hate this legislation. Again, why? Listening to Sen. Lindsey Graham this morning, when he mentioned repealing it, all he talked about was how the law "hurt business". His glib, glassy-eyed manner was downright scary. (Who in their right mind likes this guy?) Did he ever mention once his way to help the now 50 million Americans who are without health insurance if ObamaCare was repealed? No. Not one word. His only concern seemed to be how the law hurt business. If just once, when discussing their eagerness to repeal the Health Care Law, the Repubs would mention an alternate plan to help the uninsured, we'd be impressed with them, but it never, never happens.
And this is where you have to read between the lines to realize the difference between Democrats and Republicans. Just do some homework and see which party always seems to be the one which creates legislation which would help the common American, and see which one always seems to be the one which creates legislation which helps big business and the rich. It's not rocket science, and it's not that hard to figure out. And if you think that we're starry-eyed liberals who live in a fantasy world with no real footing in reality, you're wrong. Yes, we believe that government has a responsibility to help the poorest and neediest in society, but we also realize the disastrous economic consequences which will surely come about if more and more Americans can't afford basic health care. But for some reason, the Republicans don't ever seem to make that connection. They seem to continue to believe that just because for now they have theirs, (and they don't give a shit if you have yours), that it will always be that way. Talk about fantasy.

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