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Monday, January 3, 2011

Pete Postlethwaite 1946 - 2011

How very strange. We were just about to write this morning about watching the Ben Affleck-directed movie, "The Town", and how good Pete Postlethwaite was in it, and then this morning we turned on the internet to see that the veteran actor has just died of cancer at age 64.
A distinguised British stage actor for many years, Postlethwaite eventually branched out into t.v. and films, and in 1993 garnered an Oscar nomination for playing Daniel-Day Lewis's father in "In The Name Of The Father". Postlethwaite was one of the best things about "The Town", a movie which is surely to receive some Oscar nods this year. In "The Town", Postlethwaite is scary, he's menacing, and his performance is so good that even though he's only on screen for a few minutes, he's one of the few characters you remember from the story after it's over.

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