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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Melissa Leo Makes F**king History

It was hard to find many highlights in the Oscar show. One entertainment writer wrote the next day that he was horrified by the presence of an elderly, frail Kirk Douglas struggling through his lines, but was more horrified at the end of the night when he realized that Douglas was the high point of the show. We might have to agree with that one.
We were thrilled to see Melissa Leo win her Oscar, until she took the stage for her acceptance speech. Leo is one of those actors who's been kicking around Hollywood for decades, and it was great to see such a talented actress finally get her reward. But then that speech, good god. She rambled, she looked around, she was speechless, and then she made Oscar history by becoming the first person ever to utter the word "fuck" on the show. Poor Leo. You know you've screwed up when the show is forced to recruit Kirk Douglas to pull you off the stage.

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