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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Not Even Douche-Worthy

We considered in the past few days making Donald Trump one of the recipients of our "Douche of the Day" honors, but we just can't do it. Usually our "Douche of the Day" recipients are people who take themselves seriously, but yet their thinking is so screwed up or just so unbelievably stupid that we have to call them out. But come on, we can't take Trump or anything he says seriously, he's just a clown.

Lately, of course, he's been all over the news for threatening to run for President, even though he won't, and he cranked up the charge, once again, that Pres. Obama had never shown his birth certificate, even though he has. Well, today, as we're writing this, Pres. Obama has just released his "long form" birth certificate to the press, which is technically the same document that we've seen for years, and Donald Trump is speaking to reporters in New Hampshire, stating that "he's honored that he got Pres. Obama to finally release his birth certificate." Jesus!

This guy Trump is not a Douche of the Day, he's not stupid, what he really is is the reincarnation of P.T. Barnum. He's a born showman, a born entertainer, and right now, he's putting on the greatest show on earth.

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