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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Another Royal Hook-Up

We're just hours away from the marriage of Prince William and the commoner, Kate Middleton, and yes, we're yawning. We'll probably watch the ceremony, but we just gotta say it, this one is a drag compared to Charles and Diana's near-shotgun wedding thirty years ago. We don't know, maybe it has something to do with the fact that Diana was a shy, giggly, 19 year-old, fresh with the glow of love, while Kate is pushing 30, and has already lived with William for a few years, which sort of takes off the glow of giggling, blushing romance. Or maybe the world was just more innocent back then, we don't know.

But we suppose we should get on board and support this union, because the longer William and Kate's marriage lasts, the more likely we'll never have to see the day when Camilla "The Horse" Parker-Bowles will become Queen. Ugh.

The only thing that's a little disturbing about this royal marriage thing is the extent to which our "serious" journalists are covering the event. One news report said that NBC, alone, was sending over 200 journalists to cover the wedding. Wow. 200? Really? Now can you imagine how different, and better, our world would be if NBC had sent 200 journalists to cover Bush and Cheney's lies to get us into the Iraq War? If NBC had sent only a fraction of those 200 journalists to cover the Valerie Plame affair, then Karl Rove and Dick Cheney would be in jail right now. Hey, just saying.

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