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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Her Highness: The Queen's Gay Uncle

(left: prince george and his wife, marina;
right: prince george)

The news media is pulling out all the stops to interest us in the impending nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton tomorrow, but as mentioned in the previous post, we just can't muster the same kind of odd excitement Matt Lauer seems to have for Prince William. Hmmm.

We find other royal family members much more interesting than William and Kate. Take for instance the story of Prince George, The Duke of Kent, who was the present Queen Elizabeth's uncle. He was born in 1902, the fourth son of King George V and the younger brother of King George VI, (father of Queen Elizabeth II), who died in a tragic plane crash in 1942. Oh, and he was also gay, gay, gay!

(prince george)

Prince George married Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark, and had three children, including Prince Edward of Kent, who often shows up at Wimbledon with his wife, Katherine, to hand out the trophies. But it was Prince George's many lovers, men and women, which really made the news.

(left: noel coward;

right: sir henry "chips" cannon)

Among the Prince's many boyfriends were the famous playwright, Noel Coward; Sir Henry "Chips" Cannon, a British politician; art historian Anthony Blunt, who later turned out to be a Soviet spy; and the lovely Louis Ferdinand, Prince of Prussia, who was Prince George's distant cousin, (incest is best!).

(anthony blunt with queen elizabeth:

QE: So I understand you're sleeping with my uncle.
AB: Yes, your highness, I am.
QE: How lovely. That explains why you've been spending so much time around the palace. I'm happy for you, just don't get any big ideas, there's only room for one queen around here, and I'm it. Bitch.

(kissing cousins:
louis ferdinand and prince george)

Prince George was also reportedly addicted to cocaine and morphine, and was once blackmailed by a male prostitute to whom he had written love letters. Wow, this guy knew how to get down. What a shame he's not around to attend the wedding tomorrow. We have the feeling he could really liven up the after-party.

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