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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Glass Houses

Normally, we love it when Republicans take cheap pot-shots at each other, but sometimes, their behavior is so low-class that it doesn't amuse even us.

(cindy and meghan mccain)

Here's the deal. Meghan McCain, Sen. John McCain and wife, Cindy's, daughter, appeared in a recent public service announcement about skin cancer. Both her parents are skin cancer survivors. In the ad, she appears as if she's naked, but she's really only seen from the shoulders up. Glenn Beck then took to his radio show to say that the idea of seeing Meghan McCain naked made him want to vomit. Wow. Both Cindy and Meghan chastised Beck on Twitter, but the damage was done.

Okay, here's what we've never understood. Why is it that the people who can least afford to make fun of someone else's appearance are always the ones who do? Does Glenn Beck own a mirror? Maybe someone who looks like the love child of Porky the Pig and The Pillsbury Dough Boy shouldn't be critiquing the looks of others. Just saying.

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