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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Only Three Wins Away

It looks like tennis history is about to be made. All eyes were on the Novak Djokovic/Juan Martin del Potro match yesterday, (and today), at the French Open. Why was their match so hyped? Because since 2005, only two players other than Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal have won Grand Slam tournaments, those two players being Djokovic and del Potro. Djokovic won this year's Australian Open, as well as the one in 2008, and del Potro won last year's U.S. Open. So if anybody had a chance to end Djokovic's unbeaten season, everyone guessed it might be the Argentine star. But it was not to be. Djokovic is playing like a man obsessed, and he took out del Potrol in four sets. Djokovic is now at 40-0 for the year, only three wins away from breaking John McEnroe's 1984 record.

John McEnroe stated last week that he thought Djokovic's win streak was already better than his in 1984 because the depth of competition in tennis is so much greater now. McEnroe also said today, while commenting on the tennis match on NBC, that he wasn't even aware that he held the all-time record for best starts to a year, but in vintage McEnroe style, he stated he was happy for the publicity.

Next up for Djokovic is the French player, Richard Gasquet, who is enjoying a career resurgence after being banned from the sport for two years for cocaine use. But as good as Gasquet is, (he has one of the most beautiful backhands in tennis), we don't think he'll beat Djokovic. We'll soon see, they play tomorrow.

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