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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Crazy Lady's In!

The Crazy Lady's officially in. Michele Bachmann officially announced her candidacy for the presidency of the United States today, so she's making appearances on all the talk and news shows, and the crazy is pouring in faster than we can keep up with it.

Bachmann says so many bizarre things that it's honestly hard to keep it all straight. She's become such an easy target for comedians and late night talk show hosts that we can't imagine she can make a real run for the White House; it's hard to be taken seriously when you're a national punchline.

But all kidding aside, the woman's ideas are really "out there". We watched the videotape of her interview with George Stephanopoulos on "Good Morning America" this morning, and he asked her about her desire to eliminate the federal minimum wage. You have to watch the video clip several times, because the first or second time you listen to Bachmann's answer, it makes no sense. Finally, it becomes clear that she thinks the economy would be better if the minimum wage was eliminated because "more people would have more money to keep in their pockets". Still makes no sense? Okay, we'll break it down for you. Bachmann is a typical Republican who is beholden to Big Business and has little regard for the common American worker. And Big Business would be very happy if they could pay slave wages instead of a minimum wage so that their profits would go up. And Bachmann seems to be making that twisted Republican jump in logic that if Big Business could pay less in wages, and their profits went up, then that would somehow translate into a better economy in which the American people would pay less in taxes, which would mean "more money in our pockets". But even if that theory of trickle down economics was correct, (and it's not; our corporations are making record profits right now, and yet our economy is still in the dumpster), she seems to forget, (or not care?), that the elimination of the minimum wage would make it hard for some workers to literally survive.

And that's all you need to know about Michele Bachmann. Yes, she's a little nutty, (and all kidding aside, she really is a little nutty), but in the end, she's just another typical Republican who favors Big Business over the common American worker. And also typically Republican, she honestly believes in the theory of trickle down economics, even though it's been disproven time after time after time.

But we're by no means hoping that Michele Bachmann flames out of the presidential race anytime soon; her presence on the national scene is a goldmine for our comedians. And with this economy, we could use some laughs. You can just imagine Tina Fey in her office, working on her Michele Bachmann "Fargo-like" Minnesota accent as we speak. God, we hope so.

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