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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Almost everyone's gotten the message that we live in a new, open global world, everyone except Republicans and the people over at American's premiere sports network, ESPN. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that the world of the 1950's, where only Heterosexual Male WASP's mattered, is over. Now we recognize that women do interesting things, that gay people actually exist and that what people do in other countries is of interest as well. But ESPN hasn't gotten the memo. Case in point: Today the top four male tennis players in the world, and maybe the four greatest players, collectively, of all time are playing at one of the world's most important sporting events, Wimbledon. But what were the guys on ESPN radio talking about this morning? Whether college football players are illegally selling their jerseys for money. Wow. They even mentioned at one point that because of the NFL lock-out, that it was a slow news period for sports. Again, wow. Hey ESPN, if the only sports you guys really care about, or know anything about, are football, basketball, and sometimes golf, then you've have to stop calling yourself a "sports network".

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