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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Has Anyone Told the Republicans That The Current Miss U.S.A. is a Muslim?

The Donald Trump-owned Miss U.S.A. Pageant is on t.v. tonight, and we can't wait. In an era when beauty pageants are on the decline, and some of them, like the Miss America Pageant are desperately scrambling to present themselves as something other than a High Level Tits-and-Ass Contest, Donald Trump makes no apologies. Instead of pretending that his beauties are rocket scientists, he chose to double-down in the past few years and allowed his contestants to have boob jobs and let them wear skimpier and skimpier bikinis. Hell, yeah! And what makes tonight's show even more enticing is the news that the questions the finalists will be asked have been written to engineer controversy. The topics of the questions include problems with nude photos and evolution. Oh my. Evidently Trump is hoping for another Carrie Prejean "opposite marriage" controversy, which was huge for the pageant's ratings. Don't worry, Donald, you got us; we'll be watching!

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