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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Emmy Awards - Part V

9:55 pm - Our faith in these idiotic awards is starting to be renewed as the writers from "The Daily Show" win over that truly awful "Conan O'Brien" disaster that comes on late at night. Although, we have to admit, in the traditional comedic bits which introduce the long lists of nominated writers, Conan's was the funniest. His bit showed an anonymous person going through a Facebook list of "Friend Requests", (his writers), and the person Ignored each one, and then the camera panned back and the person ignoring the list of writers as "friends" was Conan himself. Then Conan turned and smiled at the camera.
(ricky gervais at last year's emmy awards)
10:00 pm - Jimmy Fallon is introduced as an Emmy Winner, (really? for what, best impersonation of a comedian?), and he makes his way through an unbelievably bad comedy sketch. The camera keeps cutting to people in the audience laughing until the camera accidentally catches a horrified Kevin Kline with a look on his face that undeniably reads: "What the f**k is Fallon doing?". We couldn't agree more, Kevin.

10:02 pm - They give an award for Original Music and Lyrics, (is this the equivalent of the Oscar's Best Song?), and two of the nominated songs feature Justin Timberlake in various performances. WTF? Is this some sort of horrific Rip Van Winkle nightmare in which we went to bed knowing that Timberlake was, at best, a second rate singer and definitely a third rate actor, but then we woke up and suddenly the entire entertainment world has decided he's the most exciting talent since Meryl Streep? We're nauseous at the thought of it, but it seems to be true.

10:05 pm - Ricky Gervais does a very funny bit. Thank god, we were just about to change the channel. And "The Daily Show" wins for Variety Show. Deserved.

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