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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Emmy Awards - Part VI

10:20 pm - Some guy wins for "Lost". And then Cherry Jones wins for "24". We're just about to fall asleep, we've never seen "Lost" or "24", and we don't know anyone who does watch those shows. Ho hum.
(farrah fawcett 1947-2009)
10:25 pm - They do the "In Memorium" section for the actors who have died, and this year they actually remember to pan the camera in so we can see the clips of the actors. Last year, they pulled back so far we couldn't see the tiny screen featuring the clips of the passed actors. Nice.
10:30 pm - Some writer for "Mad Men" wins and in his acceptance speech, in an obvious attempt to encourage struggling writers out there to keep trying, mentions to everyone that when you see that guy at Starbuck's tapping away on his laptop, "it's probably one of us." Oh, you mean that annoying asshole that sits there all day, and who most people would like to kick his ass if he doesn't get up soon to let someone else have a seat? Right. That guy.

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